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Feature List

Below is a list of all the features Ultimate Auction has to offer you. We have taken extensive measure to make sure that Ultimate Auction includes everything you need to make your auction totally successful. However, if there is a feature missing that you need, no problem, just contact us, and we will make arrangements. Please note that this is not even 50% of the features Ultimate Auction has, to know the full power of Ultimate Auction, you need to view the demo and try it out for yourself.

General Features

    FAST - Ultimate Auction was written to have the most features, yet still have ligntning speeds.
    RELIABLE - Ultimate Auction is reliable, no matter what, you can always count on UA to work for you.
    SECURE - Ultimate Auction is very secure. We have taken every avenue possible to ensure that UA is as secure as possible. The auction even encrypts the user's passwords.
    AFFORDABLE - Ultimate Auction is extremely affordable. Compared to our competition, we are practically giving it away.
      FULLY CUSTOMISABLE - Ultimate Auction features a web-based admin that will allow you to do everything you could possibly need.
      USES MYSQL - Ultimate Auction utilizes mySQL for it's database. Thus enabeling the auction to handle extensive traffic and allowing the database to hold virtually unlimited amount of data, while still maintaining blazing speeds.
    NICE, CLEAN LAYOUT - The software features a nice layout that is easy to navigate.

User-End Features

    UNLIMITED CATEGORIES AND SUB-CATEGORIES - Ultimate Auction allows you to have an unlimited number of categories and sub-categories. With UA you can have an unlimited level of cateogries. You can also manage all your categories through the web via your Web-Based admin.
    ADVANCED SEARCHING - Not only does UA have a search engine, it includes one of the most powerful advanced searching features anywhere on the web.
    PROXY BIDDING - The auction includes Proxy Bidding. This is a feature demanded by many. It will automatically bid on the user's behalf. A GREAT Feature.
    DUTCH AUCTIONS - This is also a very demanded feature. If the user has more than 1 of the item they are selling, they can enter the quantity they have when they post the auction, and sell all of them seperately, in that one auction.
    WELCOME NEWEST USER - This will have a little section on your front page to wlecome the newest user that has signed up.
    AUTO CLOSE - Most Auction software requires someone to visit the auction page before it will close the auction, but Ultimate auction automatically closes the auction for you.
    AUTO RELIST - This feature will allow the seller to specify how many times to automatically relist their auction if it does not sell.
    FULL ACCOUNTING - Ultimate Auction includes a full accounting system. For more information see the Accounting features list below.
    AUCTION STATISTICS - This will give you detailed stats on how your auction system is doing.
    HOMEPAGE FEATURED - Homepage Featured will give the user the option to advertise their auction on your frontpage for an extra fee when they post an auction up for sale.
    CATEGORY FEATURED - Category Featured will give the user the option to advertise their auction in a special column on the theiy category listing page for an extra fee.
    BOLD AUCTION LISTING - The bold listing option allows the user to make their auction listing bold to stand out in the item listings for an extra fee.
    YELLOW HIGHLIGHT LISTING - The yellow highlight listing option allows the user to make their auction listing highlighted with a pale yellow bar to stand out in the item listings for an extra fee.
    ATTENTION GRABBER ICONS - The attention grabber icons gives the user the option to put an icon naext to their item listing to grab attention to their listing for an extra fee.
    AUCTION COUNTERS - This will give your user's the option to put a counter on their auction to see how many times it has been viewed for an extra fee.
    RESERVE PRICES - This will give the seller the option to put a hidden price that the bidder must meet before the seller is obligated to sell the item.
    PAYMENT METHODS - This feature will ask the user for the payment methods they will accept if they sell their item. The payment methods will be displayed on their auction.
    SHIPPING ARRANGEMENTS - This feature will ask the user how shipping will be payed if they sell their item. This will be displayed on their auction page.
    SHIPPING LOCATIONS - This feature will ask the user if they will ship the item to people within the US, or internationally. This will also be displayed on their auction page.
    EMAIL AUCTION TO FRIEND - This will let your visitors send an auction's information to their friend.
    VIEW SELLER'S OTHER AUCTIONS - This will be a link on the auction pages that allow the visitors to view all of the seller's other auctions.
    FEEDBACK SYSTEM - This will allow user's to rate each other based on their transactions.
    GET A USER'S INFORMATION - This will be a page someone can go to collect a user's personal information, such as their address, if they are in the middle of a transaction with that user.
    ASK USER A QUESTION - This is a form that allows a user to ask the seller a question, but they have to be logged in first. This protects the seller's email from spam.
    LOGIN FEATURE - The login feature is extra special. It will remember the user once they have logged in all throughout the auction. Even when they come back the next day, the auction will remember them.
    PAGE BREAKING - This divides the listings on a page to keep everything nice and neat.
    ITEM LIST SPECIFICATIONS - This allows the user to display only the new, hot, ending, completed, or auction's with pictures if they wish.
    LOST PASSWORD - If the user loses their password, they can go generate a brand new password that will be emailed to them.
    MULTIPLE ITEM IMAGES - Each item is allowed to have up to 5 images.
       IMAGE UPLOADING - If you enable it, ultimate auction allows your users to upload up to 5 images when posting their item. You can customize the number of files they can upload, and the maximum size they can be through your web based admin.

User-Admin Features

    CHANGE PROFILE - This will allow the user to change their registration information, such as their address.
    MY AUCTIONS - MyAuctions will allow your users to view all of their currenct auctions their selling, their closed auctions, auctions they're bidding on, and auction's they've won.
    WATCHLIST - This will give your user's their own list to add auctions that they want to keep their eye on.
    PERSONAL STATS - Personal Stats will allow users to view all of their personal stats.
    BLACKLIST - The blacklist feature enables a user to block other user's from bidding on their items.
       BILLING - The billing section shows the user their account balance and all of their previous charges and credits.

Web-Based Administration Features

    USER MANAGEMENT - The user management section allows you to manage all of your user accounts. You can view them, edit and delete them, and also suspend and unsuspend them.
    ITEM MANAGEMENT - The item management section allows you to manage all of the auctions posted. You can view them, edit and delete them, manage their bids as well as end them early and extend them for so many days.
    CATEGORY MANAGEMENT - The category management section allows you to manage all of your categories. You can add and delete categories and sub-categories.
    ACCOUNTING - The accounting section will allow you to change all of your auction costs as well as allow you to view, charge, and credit user balances. The accounting feature also features the auto invoice feature, which will send an invoice to all user's who have a negative balance every so many days.
    GENERAL VARIABLES - You can edit your general variables from your admin, such as your auction's name, install variables, etc, etc, etc.
    DESIGN VARIABLES - You can edit your design variables from your admin, such as all your auction's design colors and fonts.
    ENABLING/DISABLING FEATURES - From your admin, you can turn alot of your auction's features on and off.
       IMAGE SETTINGS - You can edit your image settings from your admin, such as the maximum amount of images per item, image uploading, etc.

Something Not Here?

Is there a feature that's not in this list that you need? No problem, we can customize your auction for you. Just contact us and tell us your needs, and we will make arrangements.